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Third inspector suspended

Another vehicle inspector has been suspended by the NZTA - bringing the total number of people affected by vehicle recalls this month alone to 2,907.
Posted on 12 June, 2019
Third inspector suspended

The NZTA has suspended vehicle inspector Antony Homan and his Lawrence-based inspecting organisation Win Engineering and Mechanical Services Limited and its delegate Lisa Gillian.

"The NZ Transport Agency is concerned that some vehicles have been issued with warrants of fitness incorrectly following two upheld complaints against the Otago business and reviews carried out by the agency," said the agency in a statement.

"In one case, a vehicle with rust, a damaged fuel-line and braking issues was incorrectly given a warrant. Win Engineering and Mechanical Services Limited has also been found non-compliant in its processes and administration."

"For this reason, we strongly encourage people who have a current warrant of fitness issued from Win Engineering and Mechanical Services Ltd to get their vehicles rechecked."

The agency will contact around 460 affected vehicle owners individually as soon as possible to advise them on recheck options.

Vouchers will be provided and will be valid for six months from the date of issue.

Timeline of events

- Late August: Dargaville Diesel Specialists suspended – 1,956 vehicle owners urged to get WOFs rechecked. 

- Late September: NZTA hires law firm Meredith Connell to review its open-compliance files and regulatory function. 

- October: Orient Motors – 3,494 affected owners. 

- October: Te Aroha Automotive – 613 affected vehicle owners.

- November 23: Westland Mechanical and Tyre – 3,721 affected vehicle owners.

- November 30: Auckland’s Jet Tyres and Wheel Alignment – 993 affected vehicle owners.

- November 30: Onehunga’s Church Street Motors and Tyres – 4,053 affected vehicle owners.

- December 4: El’s Auto Services in East Tamaki – 3,783 affected vehicle owners. 

- December 5: Super Cheap Tyres and Auto Services in St Johns – 2,443 affected vehicle owners.

- December 10: NZTA chief executive Fergus Gammie announces his resignation

- December 14: Stephen Upson and Sunnybrae Auto Services - 747 affected vehicle owners. 

- December 20: Sayad Hussein and Frankton WoF and Tyre Station - 2,836 affected vehicle owners. 

- December 21: Patrick Chu of Transport & Structure Ltd – numbers of potentially impacted vehicles yet to be confirmed. 

- December 21: NZTA appoints former Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe as interim chief executive until a permanent replacement is found.

- December 21: Consulting firm Martin Jenkins hired to provide support for the Ministry of Transport’s review into the NZTA’s regulatory function. 

- January 25, 2019: NZTA extends expiry date of all unused vouchers

- February 4, 2019: Manufacturers call on the NZTA to pay for customers’ towbar re-certifications

- February 7, 2019: NZTA announces it will cover costs for towbar recertifications.

- February 12, 2019: NZTA welcomes findings of an independent report on regulatory compliance.

- February 13, 2019: Donald Steward McLean and The WOF Man Ltd. - 3,515 affected vehicle owners. 

- March 22, 2019: Rajesh Singh and Gravity Services Ltd - 5,740 affected vehicle owners.

- April 8, 2019: Patrick Chu of Transport and Structure Ltd - 300 affected drawbars and draw beams on heavy vehicles and trailers.

- April 12, 2019: Mohammed Hussein and Autozone Services Ltd - 1,607 affected vehicle owners.

- April 12, 2019: Graeme Jordan, Peter Flannery and Michael Urquhart and Peninsula Motors - 1,170 affected vehicle owners. 

- April 16, 2019: Sun-Jin Kim and World Motors - 1,556 affected vehicle owners. 

- May 3, 2019: David Gundry and A-1 Auto Spares and Repairs - 932 affected vehicle owners. 

- May 3, 2019: Nassir Habib, Litesh Gounder and their respective inspecting organisations - Carbine Automotives and Manurewa Auto and Tyre Centre - 2,607 affected vehicle owners. 

- May 8, 2019: Wei Shi Du and his Mount Eden-based inspecting organisation Cityside Automotive Limited - 2,200 affected vehicle owners. 

- May 17, 2019: Chris Luo and his Mount Roskill-based inspecting organisation Auto Link - 3,100 affected vehicle owners. 

- June 4, 2019: Hamza Hamza and his Auckland-based inspecting organisation Super Cheap Tyres and Auto Services (2016) - 297 affected vehicle owners. 

- June 7, 2019: Paul Murray and his Christchurch-based inspecting organisation Walker Brothers 2016 Ltd - 2,150 affected vehicle owners. 

- June 12, 2019: Antony Homan and his Lawrence-based inspecting organisation Win Engineering and Mechanical Services Limited - 460 affected vehicle owners.