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Nearly 3,000 cars to be re-checked

The NZTA has suspended yet another vehicle inspector after uncovering a number of issues.
Posted on 20 December, 2018
Nearly 3,000 cars to be re-checked

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has immediately suspended Hamilton-based vehicle inspector Sayad Hussein and his inspecting organisation Frankton WoF and Tyre Station.

This month, Hussein was observed to be allowing unauthorised people to inspect cars which were then given a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) and incorrectly inspecting vehicle lighting, braking and exhaust systems. 

The NZTA is unaware of specific concerns relating to individual vehicles, however, due to the poor quality of Hussein inspections, there is a possibility that some vehicles may have been incorrectly passed.

As a result, the NZTA is contacting all 2,836 affected vehicle owners individually to advise them on recheck options. 

Timeline of events

- Late August: Dargaville Diesel Specialists suspended – 1,956 vehicle owners urged to get WOFs rechecked. 

- October: Orient Motors – 3,494 affected owners. 

- October: Te Aroha Automotive – 613 affected vehicle owners.

- November 23: Westland Mechanical and Tyre – 3,721 affected vehicle owners.

- November 30: Auckland’s Jet Tyres and Wheel Alignment – 993 affected vehicle owners.

- November 30: Onehunga’s Church Street Motors and Tyres – 4,053 affected vehicle owners.

- December 4: El’s Auto Services in East Tamaki – 3,783 affected vehicle owners. 

- December 5: Super Cheap Tyres and Auto Services in St Johns – 2,443 affected vehicle owners.

- December 14: Stephen Upson and Sunnybrae Auto Services - 747 affected vehicle owners. 

- December 20: Sayad Hussein and Frankton WoF and Tyre Station - 2,836 affected vehicle owners.