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Work on rule’s adverse impact

Talks continue over “enter into service” within four months clause to comply with emissions rule.
Posted on 02 April, 2024
Work on rule’s adverse impact

Work is continuing to avoid an amendment to import regulations that could have an “adverse” impact on the car industry.

Changes to the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Exhaust Emissions 2007 introduced at the start of 2024 contained wording that referred to the need for vehicles border checked before April 30 to “enter into service” within a four-month period.

“This different approach to applying standards was unexpected and it soon became clear there would be an adverse impact on the industry,” reports the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (VIA).

It has spent the past two months or more engaging with the NZTA and Ministry of Transport to bring this problem to their attention and to press for a solution, and says it has had a positive working relationship with officials on this issue.

“This wording has created huge uncertainty amongst the industry,” states a VIA alert to members. “Officials have taken the matter very seriously and are giving it the utmost priority. 

“They advise us they are working towards a solution that will clarify this rule. We will advise members of the final shape of the government’s response as soon as that is possible.

“The NZTA has issued a preliminary view on how the VIRM might be amended should there be a change to the exhaust emission rule. That preliminary view does not include mention of the ‘four month enter into service’ timeframe. VIA will update members and the industry as new information comes to hand.”