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Two models for flagship EV

Nissan has launched its Ariya Nismo with initial sales to start in Japan in June.
Posted on 19 March, 2024
Two models for flagship EV

Nissan says its flagship Nismo EV model, unveiled in January at Tokyo Auto Salon 2024, further enhances the speed, comfort and handling of the standard Ariya e-4orce

Customers can choose between two Ariya Nismo models, the B6 e-4orce and the B9 e-4orce, with sales due to start in Japan in June.

The former features a 66kWh battery and produces a maximum 270kW and 560Nm of torque. The latter, outfitted with a 91kWh battery, generates a peak output of 32kW and 600Nm of torque. 

The Nismo Ariya’s list of premium features includes brake pads that provide stopping power in a wide range of temperatures, and aluminum wheels that strike a balance between width and weight to maximise aerodynamics and cornering ability.

The chassis has been enhanced to optimise front and rear suspension performance, while the Nismo-tuned e-4orce provides improved traction in all conditions and sportscar-like line tracing.

The Ariya Nismo’s bodywork comes in six colors, including stealth grey with a blacked-out roof.

Nissan will also resume accepting orders in the Japanese market for the Ariya B2 2WD grade, and it will launch other models including the B6 e-4orce, B9 2WD, B9 e-4orce and B9 e-4orce premium grades.