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Tasman ute in camouflage

Pick-up truck’s wrap takes design cues from artist’s travels across Australia.
Posted on 24 April, 2024
Tasman ute in camouflage

Kia has revealed an Australia-inspired camouflage wrap for the Tasman, its new ute.

The marque says the model has been named after the “rugged beauty and pioneering spirit of Tasmania”, the island at the lucky country’s southernmost tip.

Scheduled to make its debut in 2025, it marks Kia’s inaugural entry into the c-segment pick-up truck arena. 

The launch strategy will be phased globally, including key markets such as South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the Middle East. 

Developed in collaboration with artist Richard Boyd-Dunlop, who hails from Australia and New Zealand, the wrap is themed around “the path never taken” to underscore the Tasman’s “adventurous spirit”. 

“This design resonates as it evokes my own personal experiences travelling across Australia and the encounters that I had,” said Boyd-Dunlop. 

“These experiences are influential to my work. The Tasman enabled me to create a continuation of this, depicting the connection joy and sheer sense of adventure inherent to Australian culture.”