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Ship turned away due to bugs

Three live and 39 dead BMSBs have been intercepted by biosecurity officers on vessel from Europe
Posted on 29 November, 2018
Ship turned away due to bugs

Biosecurity New Zealand has directed a vehicle carrier to leave Kiwi waters after stink bugs and other regulated pests were found on-board.

Officers intercepted three live and 39 dead brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSBs) and 69 other dead regulated stink bugs after the Carmen arrived in Auckland from Europe on the morning of November 28. The vessel was carrying a range of vehicles from Europe and the US.

“The interceptions indicated the cargo was likely to be infested with stink bugs,” says Steve Gilbert, border-clearance services director with Biosecurity NZ. “We also believed the ship itself was contaminated.

“We informed the industry prior to the start of the season of our hard line on cargo vessels believed to be infested with stink bugs. This is about ensuring a dangerous pest doesn’t get a chance to establish in New Zealand.”

The ship left Auckland on the afternoon of November 29 and will now have to be treated offshore before it can return, says Gilbert. “If permitted to come back, it should expect intensive inspection before we allow any cargo to be discharged."

The Carmen is the first cargo ship to be ordered to leave New Zealand since the start of the 2018/19 stink-bug season in September. In February, Biosecurity NZ turned around four bulk carriers arriving from Japan due to stink-bug contamination.