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Praise for emissions rule change

Amendment “relieves a significant area of stress” for used-imports sector, says VIA’s Greig Epps.
Posted on 16 April, 2024
Praise for emissions rule change

The Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (VIA) has welcomed a fresh amendment to the exhaust emissions rule made by the government.

The change to the regulations, which had been proposed by VIA, has now been signed off by Simeon Brown, the Minister of Transport.

It means used-imported light vehicles will no longer be required to “enter into service” within four months of being inspected at the border before April 30 ahead of the revised Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Exhaust Emissions 2007 coming into effect.

The regulatory change follows prolonged – yet constructive discussions – with government officials, reflecting the strength and importance of open communication channels between industry stakeholders and government bodies.

Greig Epps, pictured, VIA’s chief executive, says: “This amendment relieves a significant area of stress for the industry, which faced uncertainty in the treatment of vehicles imported to New Zealand. 

“While the process has been longer than we hoped, the outcome is a testament to what we can achieve through persistence and collaborative dialogue.”

The change comes after detailed discussions that highlighted the industry’s practical concerns, particularly regarding the potential for unnecessary financial burdens and administrative complexities.

The amendment, which was announced by Brown on April 15, addresses VIA’s concerns directly, significantly reducing the risk of imposing undue costs and operational challenges on importers and dealerships. 

“By adjusting the exhaust emissions rule, the Minister of Transport has brought clarity to a problematic rule,” adds Epps.

VIA thanks the minister and all officials involved for their openness to dialogue, and their commitment to understanding and acting on industry insights.

“As we move forward, VIA remains committed to working alongside the government to promote regulations that support growth of the industry and the environmental objectives of New Zealand.”