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Have say on emissions

Industry organisation’s members invited by ministry to have their say on future emissions reduction policies.
Posted on 18 October, 2021
Have say on emissions

The government has invited members of the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Associated (VIA) to attend online webinars on the development of the country’s first emissions reduction plan.

It is being overseen by the Ministry for the Environment (MfE), which is working with with a range of central agencies on what will become government policy. 

As part of this process, the discussion document, which is called “Te hau mārohi ki anamata – Transitioning to a low-emissions and climate-resilient future”, is available on the MfE’s website.

“It is important all New Zealanders can have their say on proposed emissions reduction policies,” says a spokesman for the MfE.

“We want to hear from you about the part you will play – steps your community can take, investments you can make in your businesses or changes you can make as an individual – and how government can support you to make these changes. 

“You know your community best and, therefore, what can be achieved. To start off consultation, we are running a webinar series to provide you with information about the development of the emissions reduction plan.”

The second of two overview sessions on the plan’s discussion document was due to run from 7-8pm on October 18 as an opportunity to ask questions of agency officials leading the work. To register, visit

Other Zoom webinars coming up include:

• Meeting the net-zero challenge: This session will include information on emissions budgets, New Zealand’s transition pathway, ensuring an equitable transition and working with treaty partners. Date: October 19, noon-1pm. To register, visit:

• Aligning system settings: This session will include information on the role of emissions pricing, planning, research, science and innovation, funding and finance, government accountability, behaviour change and the circular economy and bioeconomy. Date: October 20, noon-1pm. To register, visit:

Key topic sessions

These sessions will focus on a specific sector within the discussion document and the opportunity to ask questions relating to that topic. 

• Transport: October 21, noon-1pm. To register, visit:

• Energy and industry: October 26, noon-1pm. To register, visit:

• Building and construction: October 27, noon-1pm. To register, visit:

• Agriculture and forestry: October 28, 12 noon-1pm. To register, visit:

• Waste: November 2, noon-1pm. To register, visit:

• F-gases: Tuesday, November 2, 1.15-2.15pm. To register, visit:

Full consultation

As part of this process, the MfE says it wants to have a have a meaningful conversation with Māori, “so we understand tangata whenua perspectives and aspirations as we draft this plan”. 

“We will be updating our webpage with resources which provide an overview of what the emissions reduction plan is and what it means for Māori, what an equitable transition will look like, how our plans relate to emissions budgets and a schedule for our live online sessions.” 

For more details, visit:

The Climate Change Response Act requires the government to produce plans setting out policies and strategies to meet emissions budgets and make progress towards the country’s 2050 reduction targets. 

The first emissions reduction plan is due by the end of May 2022 and is being co-ordinated by the MfE.