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GM plugs into new look

Company reveals fresh logo as it embarks on mission to develop more electric vehicles.
Posted on 22 January, 2021
GM plugs into new look

General Motors (GM) has revealed a new logo as part of a marketing campaign to accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

The carmaker plans to roll out 30 new battery-powered vehicles by the end of 2025 and says its “Everybody In” campaign is part of its vision for a zero-emissions future.

As part of that push, the company has made what it considers the biggest change to its logo since 1964.

GM adds the underline of the “m” in the new branding connects to past logos and is designed to look more like an electrical plug.

Deborah Wahl, GM global chief marketing officer, says: “There are moments in history when everything changes. Inflection points. We believe such a point is upon us for the mass adoption of electric vehicles. 

“We have the solutions, capability, technology and scale to put everyone in an EV. Our new brand identity and campaign are designed to reflect this.”

GM claimed in late 2020 it was nearing a battery chemistry breakthrough that will make EVs as affordable as those with internal combustion engines by the middle of this decade.

The company plans to spend US$27 billion (NZ$37.6b) on battery vehicles through 2025.

It has created the Ultium platform, which will be the foundation for its future EV line-up, and claims it will be capable of delivering a car that can go up to 725km on a full charge.