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Dealers urged to learn more about EVs

Industry group says investing in training is important as the government’s clean car regime gets under way.
Posted on 07 March, 2022
Dealers urged to learn more about EVs

The Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (VIA) is encouraging dealers to swot up with specialist training as the number of electric and hybrid vehicles being imported to meet the new clean car regulations increases.

The call for staff at dealerships to learn more about EVs follows the passing of legislation last month to allow the government to this year expand the clean car discount and roll-out a clean car standard.

Malcolm Yorston, VIA’s technical manager, says: “Investing in this training will help keep your business up with the latest technologies as well as keeping you, your staff, and customers safer when working in or demonstrating these vehicles.”

He notes an added bonus will be having staff “who are more knowledgeable and confident when working with these vehicles and your customers”.

VIA has sent out an email alert to members recommending courses run by MITO, such as its EV safety micro-credential and an NZ certificate in EV automotive engineering (level five).

Members with questions can contact VIA on 0800-842-842, or email