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Vandal cops instant karma

FRIDAY FUNNY: Brick bounces off resilient Renault and leaves man in agony after hitting him in the face. PLUS – video
Posted on 22 March, 2024
Vandal cops instant karma

A would-be car thief was dealt some instant karma when his efforts were thwarted after a brick he threw at a vehicle bounced back and hit him in the face.

The man had allegedly already made a number of failed attempts to break into the Renault Kangoo parked outside the owner’s house in the English city of Durham before resorting to hurling a brick at it.

However, the vehicle proved too tough for the vandal and security camera footage of the 2019 incident shows the brick bouncing back at the man and striking him in the face.

He then recoils in pain and is seen hunched over before shuffling away from the scene.

His bad luck continued as he was arrested shortly afterwards by police who had been attending reports of a shoplifting incident nearby.

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