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Security guard’s car park prank

FRIDAY FUNNY: Driver dealt hilarious lesson on returning shopping trolleys. PLUS – video
Posted on 19 November, 2021
Security guard’s car park prank

A security guard pulled off a highly entertaining prank after a shopper abandoned his trolley in a car park rather than returning it to its proper place.

The clueless driver is left baffled as his attempts to reverse out of a parking spot are continually foiled by a seemingly endless procession of shopping trolleys. 

The unfolding scene is added to by the laughter of the woman who filmed the hilarious incident and says, “this is my kind of petty”.

Commenters have debated whether the incident was staged, which would appear likely because it’s hard to believe the driver could be so gullible as to not notice what was happening, but it still makes for entertaining viewing.

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