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Praise for green solution

Industry organisation welcomes government’s decision for product stewardship schemes covering car sector.
Posted on 30 July, 2020
Praise for green solution

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) has welcomed the news that the government will prioritise a range of automotive products, including end-of-life tyres (ELTs) under the Waste Minimisation Act.

“This announcement provides our members with a solution to problem products they have been grappling with for years,” says Ian Baggott, the MTA’s sector manager for energy and environment.

“Establishing a product stewardship scheme ensures all industry participants are required to contribute to the costs associated with the responsible disposal of tyres, refrigerants, car batteries and associated e-waste at the end of a vehicle’s useful life.

“It will remove any barriers preventing the sector from doing the right thing.”

Baggott adds the MTA has been a long-time supporter of the Tyrewise product stewardship initiative and has had a close association with the Recovery Trust, which manages voluntary disposal of refrigerants.

He says: “We’re especially pleased the Tyrewise initiative can move forward to implement an effective solution for this serious environmental problem.”