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Dealer sorry for anti-mandate message

Business owner says he never intended to offend anyone with his “unsolicited personal views” on Covid-19 vaccine rules.
Posted on 16 February, 2022
Dealer sorry for anti-mandate message

A car dealer has apologised for airing his personal views on the government’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates in an email newsletter sent out to customers.

Stephen Moore, the owner of Moore Cars-Northland Kia in Whangarei, sent out one of his regular company newsletters on February 14 and it said the theme for the month was “freedom”.

The dealer principal described forcing people to receive a vaccination against the coronavirus as “an attack on our Kiwi way of life, our Kiwi freedom to choose”.

“I feel so strongly about this that as a protest, Northland Kia have withdrawn from the upcoming Northland field days because, despite being an outdoor event, only people with vaccine passes can attend” he added.

Moore sent out another email to customers the following day, February 15, apologising for any controversy the newsletter had caused, reports Stuff. He says personal experience had clouded his judgement.

“As a result I offered an opinion that was my own personal view on things and not that of Kia NZ,” explains Moore.

“If I have unintentionally offended anyone with my unsolicited personal views, I sincerely apologise. It was never my intention to do so.”

Kia New Zealand issued a statement saying the views expressed in the newsletter were Moore’s own and not representative of the company.

“Kia strongly encourages New Zealanders to follow public health safety advice,” it adds.