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Blind motorist prank

FRIDAY FUNNY: Drivers get fright as car clumsily makes its way around the roads. PLUS – video
Posted on 27 October, 2023
Blind motorist prank

A French prankster scared motorists by driving a battered old Peugeot erratically as he pretended to navigate his way by brandishing a blind man’s cane out of the window.

Remi Gaillard can be seen in the video bumping into barriers, going over kerbs, passing police officers and ploughing straight into a sign at a petrol station.

Besides his motoring antics, he also tricks members of the public into thinking he’s blind by going the wrong way up a moving walkway and plodding around a roundabout apparently oblivious to the surrounding traffic.

The video was posted in 2016 and has been watched more than 15 million times.

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