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Autohub issues stink bug reminder

With the stink bug season upon us, Autohub has issued a statement containing a list of the vessels that require their vehicles to be heat-treated.  
Posted on 14 August, 2019
Autohub issues stink bug reminder

With the stink bug season coming up, logistics service Autohub has issued a reminder that vehicles booked on vessels loading through September 1 will need to have been heat-treated prior.

"As you are no doubt aware the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) season is nearly upon us," said Autohub in a recent statement. 

Autohub's shipping lines have confirmed that all vehicles will be subject to heat-treatment from the following vessels onwards:

- Toyofuji / Trans Future7 v-115    Auckland ETA 26-09-2019
- Armacup / Lake Wanaka v-1917    Auckland ETA 20-09-2019
- Maersk / Maersk Shams v-936s    Port Chalmers ETA 20-10-2019

"For all driveable vehicles up to 3,000kg gross vehicle mass (GVM), the service fee will be NZ$225.00. For vehicles over 3,000kg GVM, the service fee will be advised on a case by case basis (this commonly involves fire engines, trucks, busses and specialised equipped heavy vehicles)."

If you need any further information regarding heat treatment, please contact