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‘You can’t park there, Dave’

FRIDAY FUNNY: Scene one of Trigger’s top moments from classic comedy. PLUS – video
Posted on 15 March, 2024
‘You can’t park there, Dave’

It’s a phrase we all love to trot out when someone’s vehicle has ended up where it shouldn’t be and it was delivered to hilarious effect in an episode of the classic British sitcom, Only Fools and Horses.

The simple-minded character Trigger, pictured, is seen in the clip below spending plenty of time helping to guide his friend Rodney and the show’s famous yellow Reliant Robin into a roadside spot.

But when it is finally in place, Trigger says: “You can’t park there, Dave.”

The character, played by Roger Lloyd-Pack, explains the vehicle can’t be left where it is because he might have to use the nearby salt container to grit the roads in icy conditions – even though it is blazing sunshine.

But Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) gets to leave the car where it is after his exasperated brother Del Boy (David Jason) bribes Trigger with the promise of two pints of bitter and a cheese roll.

The clip is from the episode Strangers on the Shore, a Christmas special that was screened in the UK in 2002.

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