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Toyota NZ scores highly

Toyota New Zealand has been ranked highly in the 2019 Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index's top 10 companies. 
Posted on 12 April, 2019
Toyota NZ scores highly

Sitting in fourth position amongst Kiwi brand icons such as Air New Zealand and The Warehouse, Toyota New Zealand scored highly in this year's Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index.

The Index is a measure of how New Zealand’s Top 50 corporates (drawn from Deloitte's Top 200) are performing in this market. 

Toyota’s long-term success as New Zealand’s leading new vehicle supplier and its reputation for trust and reliability are well known and documented says Toyota NZ chief executive Alistair Davis, pictured above. 

"After such a major change to the way we do business last year with the Drive Happy Project, we are thrilled that consumers still have trust in Toyota as a brand," says Davis.

"While we source our vehicles from Toyota off-shore, we really see ourselves as a local company and part of the fabric of New Zealand life."

As the brand which has nearly a quarter of all vehicles on New Zealand’s road, Toyota takes its responsibility to customers and the environment very seriously.

"With transport emissions accounting for nearly 20 per cent of all carbon output, we have a large influence on how New Zealand will progress to a zero-carbon economy. A central strategy to achieve this is electrification, such as through self-charging hybrid technology," he adds.

By around 2025, all Toyota and Lexus models will have an ‘electrified’ option so these gains can be achieved across the range.

Davis says that the 14,000 electrified vehicles Toyota has sold new in New Zealand over the past 15 years saves about 12,000 metric tonnes of CO2 each year.

In the key reputation attribute of fairness, Toyota registered the third highest score (113), after Pak’n’Save (123) and The Warehouse (115). These three brands are known for their strong value proposition and create a sense of fair pricing about the company.

An example of Toyota’s commitment to fairness is the Drive Happy Project.

In a move to reduce customer "bothers" when buying a new car, Toyota NZ completely re-fashioned its sales process in 2018. The Drive Happy Project introduced a haggle-free fair and transparent price (including all on-road costs), a centralised stock system, a configure-your-own vehicle website, and a seven-day money-back guarantee policy.