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Tesla loses major deal

Germany's largest electric vehicle rental firm has walked away from a Tesla order after a quality dispute.
Posted on 20 August, 2019
Tesla loses major deal

Tesla and rental car company NextMove, the largest electric vehicle (EV) rental firm in Germany, are currently in a dispute with each other over an NZ$9.5 million order of Model 3s. 

According to Reuters, Nextmove said it had ordered 100 electric vehicles in 2018 but raised objections over quality and finish after taking delivery of the first 15 Model 3 cars earlier this year.

The rental company said following a dispute over how to resolve the quality shortcomings, Tesla triggered a refund clause but Tesla disputes that it cancelled the order.

Nextmove said its Model 3 vehicles had paint defects, faulty wiring, scratches on the dashboard, faulty wheels and condensation in the headlights.

Tesla, on the other hand, said it was in the process of resolving the issues and had provided replacement vehicles.

“We believe the customer’s decision not to take delivery of its remaining Model 3 orders wasn’t entirely due to quality issues, but was largely influenced by their frustration with an unrelated dispute from earlier in the year,” Tesla said in a statement to Reuters.

Tesla said any customer who was unhappy with their car could return it for a full refund up to seven days after purchase.