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Subaru franchise opens

Winger Motors opens dealership in Auckland’s eastern suburbs sporting marque’s revamped corporate branding.
Posted on 04 February, 2022
Subaru franchise opens

The opening of a Winger Motors dealership will significantly increase the convenience factor for Subaru customers who live and work in Auckland’s eastern suburbs.

The Winger Group’s fifth Subaru dealership, Winger Motors East Auckland, has opened the doors of its contemporarily designed Harris Road premises.

After living and working in east Auckland for much of his career, Wallis Dumper, Subaru of NZ’s managing director, says it’s gratifying to have a quality offering in a location that makes the marque more accessible to the area’s locals.

“While Winger Greenlane has serviced Auckland customers well, this new authorised Subaru centre helps mitigate the hassles of eastern corridor traffic,” says Dumper. “Owners will no longer need to plan around city traffic.

“Given the external challenges of the past couple of years, and despite the headwinds Kiwis have faced, it’s refreshing that Winger Motors has been able to set up a completely new dealership in amongst lockdowns. It’s a testament to the strength of Winger’s 30-plus years of Subaru operations.”

Winger Motors started out in the Waikato region more than 90 years ago and opened its first Auckland Subaru dealership in 1999 at 444 Great South Road, Greenlane. 

While this Subaru centre is still thriving and Winger Motors’ presence in Auckland has expanded to the North Shore and Pukekohe, owner Wayne Leach has had his eye out for a location more accessible to east Aucklanders.

He says: “We wanted to have a substantial offering in the east Auckland market to elevate the Subaru experience for those living and working in the area. We are thrilled with how the new Harris Road dealership has panned out.

“We are also excited to open our east Auckland premises showcasing the brand’s refreshed and relaxed corporate identity.

“Winger Motors East Auckland is one of the first authorised centres to reveal Subaru’s new generation look and feel. The existing building has been completely overhauled and we’ve installed an exciting, fresh interior fit-out. 

Lucas Martin, whose career has been dedicated to the automotive industry, is shifting from Winger Motors’ Subaru dealership in Greenlane to manage the east Auckland operations. 

Leach, pictured top left with Martin, says: “Lucas is passionate about the brand and will without a doubt provide excellent customer service for our customers. His Subaru knowledge is second to none.”

Martin notes it’s an opportune time to be opening a new Subaru dealership. “We are fortunate that in only a couple of months the new-generation WRX 2.4T performance car arrives in New Zealand. The new 2.4-litre, turbo WRX GT wagon will be popular with our Kiwi enthusiasts.

“With the recent reveal of the international concept, the new STI E-RA electric race car, and the all-wheel-drive electric vehicle Solterra, which is destined for New Zealand’s shores, Subaru’s future is bright and I’m excited to be part of it. As a new branch, we have great stock availability for our east Auckland customers.”

Leach purchased Winger Motors in 1989 and relocated its Hamilton dealership next to the town’s fire station. A fourth Subaru dealership, in Pukekohe, was added to the fold in 2012 to increase the company’s presence representing the marque in the Auckland market.

“It has been a great journey with Subaru so far – and with the opening of our latest dealership,” says Leach, “I’m confident the coming years will continue to bring success as our motoring future evolves.”