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Special van flips expectations

FRIDAY FUNNY: Owner relishes vehicle that is “something different” and draws attention. PLUS – video
Posted on 01 March, 2024
Special van flips expectations

An upside-down van is a regular head-turner in the United States and its current owner bought it after he and a friend were left stunned by the vehicle at a car show.

Jerry Naumann, from Michigan, regularly takes the unusual GMC 1984 Rally van out to events or attracts people’s attention when driving down the road.

He says the original owner transformed the vehicle because they wanted a challenge and Naumann became the owner in 2017, much to the shock of family and friends.

“For some reason it got flipped upside down with the drivetrain in it, so I can drive it around this way,” he told WXYZ-TV Detroit.

“The one question everyone wants to ask is ‘why?’ And I'll say, ‘well, why not?’”

Naumann notes the vehicle is eye-catching from the outside but basic on the inside and he doesn’t ever want to part with it, despite numerous offers.

“I will have an upside-down van somewhere always the rest of my life, because of the people it draws. I enjoy having it and to just have something different in life,” he adds.

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