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Recall for popular ute

Toyota NZ issues alert for nearly 5,000 vehicles over potential number plate fault. 
Posted on 22 November, 2021
Recall for popular ute

Toyota New Zealand is recalling 4,855 Hilux vehicles after discovering a potential issue affecting the number plate bracket on certain models.

The recall affects versions of the ute manufactured between March 2015 and November 2020.

The marque describes the action as a “precautionary measure to replace the original registration bracket due to poor stiffness of the bracket around the single mounting point”. 

“There is a possibility that the vibration of driving on a rough – corrugated – road may lead to metal fatigue and cracking, increasing the risk of the number plate becoming dislodged,” it adds.

Toyota NZ says vehicles subject to the recall will be inspected and, if required, the number plate bracket will be replaced free of charge. 

Owners of the vehicles will be contacted by the company by letter, or for more information, phone 0800-869-682.