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Omoda pricing ‘competitive’

E5 makes its first appearance in New Zealand with sticker price to be revealed soon. PLUS – gallery
Posted on 14 February, 2024

The Omoda E5 will join the petrol-powered C5 as the marque’s first offerings in New Zealand.

The first fully electric E5 has come off the wharf at Port of Auckland. The SUV has 150kW of power and torque of 340Nm with its engine matched to a 61kWh battery for a WLTP range of up to 450km. 

The car’s charging port is in its nose, and it has a 9.9kW maximum AC charge rate and 80kW on DC. 

Sheldon Humphries, country manager for Omoda and Jaecoo NZ, says pricing will be revealed at the end of February, although it’s expected to be “competitive”. 

Initially, there will be two models available and they will be differentiated by specification levels. A 50kWh battery variant is being evaluated for potential fleet opportunities.

And interested parties in New Zealand can register later this month with first deliveries expected in March. 

All Omodas will be covered with a seven-year unlimited kilometre warranty while the E5 comes with an additional eight-year, 160,000km battery warranty. There’s also a soon-to-be-announced roadside assistance package for the warranty’s duration.

Humphries says: “Omoda vehicles are at the forefront of innovation, design and safety, but we want customers to have complete confidence on the road so they can enjoy the driving experience wherever they may be across the motu.

“We know bringing a new brand to New Zealand is a big step for Kiwis to take, so by offering one of the most generous warranties on the market and the guarantee of parts and roadside assistance, we can show our commitment to this market ahead of launch.”

Omoda aims to release eight models in this country over the next two years. The marque is experiencing significant growth in 15 markets worldwide with 12,000 vehicles sold in November 2023 alone. Its cumulative sales globally last year came in at more than 147,000 units.