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EV sales overtake petrol and diesel in Norway

Heavy subsidies and government target help drive uptake of zero-emissions vehicles.
Posted on 15 January, 2021
EV sales overtake petrol and diesel in Norway

Norway has become the first country where electric cars have made up more than 50 per cent of annual new-vehicle registrations, according to an industry group.

Opplysningsradet for Veitrafikken – the Information Council for Road Traffic – says electric vehicles (EVs) accounted for 54.3 per cent of the new-car market in 2020, up from 42.4 per cent a year earlier.

The four best-selling models in Norway were the Audi e-tron, the Tesla Model 3, the Volkswagen ID.3 and the Nissan Leaf — all fully electric.

Volkswagen’s Golf, which also has a zero-emissions version, was fifth in the table but the statistics do not differentiate engine types.

In a further boost for EVs, sales of such vehicles in Norway accounted for 66.7 per cent of new registrations in December 2020, reports the Japan Times.

Industry group Norsk elbilforening – the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association –claims the Nordic country is the first to break the 50 per cent threshold.

Norway offers heavy subsidies for EVs and the government has set a goal for all new cars be “zero emission” by 2025.