Leap into luxury mobility

Genesis’ hybrid powertrain combines to pack a punch with 1,148kW and 1,425Nm.
Posted on 10 July, 2024
Leap into luxury mobility

Genesis has unveiled its X Gran Racer Vision Gran Turismo (VGT) Concept, which it says highlights the brand’s “bold leap” into high-performance luxury mobility.

The concept is a derivative of the earlier revealed Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Concept, and the brand’s fourth vehicle developed for the Gran Turismo digital racing-game series.

The VGT features enhanced ground effects, optimising its aerodynamic qualities and road-holding capabilities. 

Active aerodynamic flaps, electronically controlled for precise adjustments, ensure optimal airflow management, while the flat underbody design further reduces drag and improves vehicle stability.

The two-line crest grille lamp design, inspired by the X Trilogy Concept, extends from the front to the sides and rear, creating a cohesive flow that optimises airflow and enhances overall performance.

The larger front splitter, rear diffuser and strategically placed canards on the front fascia, and a more aggressive rocker panel, all contribute to further enhance aerodynamic high-speed stability.

On the side, the elongated dash-to-axle ratio positions the driver and powertrain toward the rear.

At the heart of the concept lies a front mid-mounted race-spec Lambda II V6 engine enhanced with Genesis’ electric supercharger technology. 

The hybrid powertrain combines to deliver 1,148kW power and 1,425Nm of torque. 

The V6 engine delivers 640kW and 1,071Nm at 10,000rpm, while the front E motor generates an additional 493kW and 305Nm.