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Lamborghini written off within 20 minutes

Police “could have cried” after a $400k supercar was left in ruins when it was ploughed into by another vehicle following a mechanical breakdown.
Posted on 26 June, 2020
Lamborghini written off within 20 minutes

A new Lamborghini worth nearly NZ$400,000 has been wrecked in a crash just 20 minutes after it was bought at a dealership.

The luxury Lamborghini Huracan was hit from behind by a van on a UK motorway after it stopped in the outside lane because of a “mechanical failure”, West Yorkshire Police say. 

Images posted by traffic officers on Twitter show the supercar lost a back wheel and was written off in the afternoon smash on the M1 near Leeds.

“It’s only a car! But on this occasion a 20 minute old brand new Lamborghini that stopped due mechanical failure in lane 3 them hit from behind by an innocent motorist #couldhavecried,” police tweeted.

The driver of the van suffered head injuries in the June 24 collision, although they were not thought to be serious.

Pictures: West Yorkshire Police