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Hyundai helps superhero

FRIDAY FUNNY: Marque’s luxury EV comes to the rescue in new Spider-Man movie. PLUS – video 
Posted on 17 December, 2021
Hyundai helps superhero

Peter Parker may be able to become the all-action Spider-Man but despite his web-swinging prowess even he sometimes needs a car to get around.

The latest movie from Marvel starring the superhero, Spider-Man: No Way Home, was released in New Zealand on December 16.

Parker finds himself stranded in a remote motel before deciding he needs to get back to New York, but his plans to return to the city hit a problem because of a lack of tall structures for him to make his usual swoops through the sky.

In a video put out ahead of the film's release, titled Only Way Home, Parker is rescued from strolling along the road by his best friend Ned who is driving a Hyundai Ioniq 5. 

This gets Peter back to where he needs to be and shows no matter what superpowers you may have, you still need a little help sometimes, and in this case it’s from an electric vehicle.

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