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Hungry bear gets trapped in car

FRIDAY FUNNY: Man sees funny side after wild creature wrecks his truck and mother-in-law’s car. PLUS – video
Posted on 06 May, 2022
Hungry bear gets trapped in car

A hungry black bear has been caught on camera by a man after it became trapped inside his mother-in-law’s car and destroyed the interior.

Cody Gillotti, from Connecticut in the United States, went to investigate after spotting the vehicle’s lights were on despite his mother-in-law being in bed.

To his surprise, he discovered the “stunned” looking bear stuck inside the car as it hunted for food on April 29.

“It looked like a teenaged kid that passed out in his car after a long night of partying and his mom caught him,” Gillotti told NBC News.

He describes the incident as “very funny” even though the animal had already rampaged through his truck before it headed to his mother-in-law’s car. 

The wild creature was set free and fled the scene after a member of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection opened the car door with a rope and fired a round from a bean bag gun. 

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