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Guide for car dealers

Transport agency explains how traders can assist their customers with clean-car rebates.
Posted on 13 June, 2021
Guide for car dealers

Waka Kotahi has produced a guide for car dealers to help them steer their way through the clean-car discount programme.

The government has announced rebates on battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) will be available to consumers who buy them on or after July 1.

The amounts are $8,625 for new BEVs and $3,450 for used BEVs. The rebates for new and used PHEVs are $5,750 and $2,300 respectively.

Buyers will have to claim this money back from the government until a full feebate scheme is introduced next year, which will result in purchases of high-emitting models being penalised through a system of charges.

The transport agency says it’s important for cars to be checked to see if they qualify for rebates.

A vehicle must cost less than $80,000, including GST and on-road charges, and have a safety rating of three stars or more on 

It must be the first time the vehicle has been registered in New Zealand. Vehicles bought before July 1 but not registered until after that date qualify. 

“If, due to demand, funds are exhausted, no discounts [rebates] will be offered on registrations until funds have been replenished and the scheme reopened,” says the agency.

“Only vehicles registered from the restart date will be eligible for rebates. Petrol hybrids are popular vehicles, but are not charged from electricity and are therefore not eligible for the July 1 to December 31, 2021, rebate.”

As for applying for a rebate, car buyers may need help to apply online for their rebate and Waka Kotahi says car dealers may want to assist them. 

“The vehicle must be registered before a rebate application is submitted because the plate number is needed on the application,” explains the agency.

“The signed sales agreement document is also required. Rebates can only be paid into the bank account of the registered person and bank-account details must be submitted in pdf, png and jpeg form - not more than 5Mb.

“Rebates will be paid into the registered person’s bank account within 20 working days. Applications for rebates will be accepted until February 28, 2022, for vehicles registered between July 1 and December 31, 2021.”

As for the clean-car discount scheme from 2022, subject to legislation it will consist of rebates and fees for imported new and used vehicles based on their CO2 emission ratings. 

• High-emission vehicles will be charged a fee, the higher the CO2 rating the greater the fee. Low-emission vehicles will qualify for a rebate, the lower the emissions the greater the rebate. 

• The clean car discount is intended to be cost-neutral with fees charged offsetting discounts given, subject to available funding. 

• Rebates and fees will be set according to World Harmonised Light-duty Vehicles Test Procedure [WLTP]. 

• CO2 emission ratings and will be reviewed regularly. Rebates and fees for 2022 will be finalised later this year. Further information on the discount programme will be provided in coming months.

Click here to download Waka Kotahi’s clean-car discount guide for car dealers. Visit for more information.