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Floating Ferrari makes waves

FRIDAY FUNNY: Block of wood transformed into replica of a sports car in five months. PLUS – video
Posted on 17 June, 2022
Floating Ferrari makes waves

Cars may be banned in the city of Venice but an Italian craftsman turns plenty of heads whenever he takes a full-size wooden replica Ferrari out onto the water.

Livio De Marchi spent five months carving a block of pine wood into a boat shaped like a Ferrari F50, including mirrors and a prancing horse logo, before sharing the Venetian waterways with gondolas and water taxis.

The craft was completed in 2000 and weighs about 900kg and is powered by a Yamaha boat engine. It follows similar projects by De Marchi, which have included a wooden 1937 Jaguar, a Volkswagen Beetle and a Mercedes 300L gullwing.

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