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Extension for expired warrants

Vital vehicle and driving documents unable to be renewed because of lockdown will now remain valid until the end of November.
Posted on 13 September, 2021
Extension for expired warrants

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) is granting more time for people to renew warrants and certificates of fitness, vehicle registrations, driver licences, and licence endorsements because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Such documents that expired on or after July 21 can now be used until November 30, following an announcement by Michael Wood, Minister of Transport.

He says: “Like last year’s extension, we’re providing this extension to give certainty to the public that they won’t be issued infringement notices for using their vehicles appropriately during higher alert levels.

“Lockdown is stressful. People shouldn’t have to worry about getting fined for having a recently expired WOF if driving to access essential services or as an essential worker.”

Wood adds drivers still have a responsibility to keep their vehicle roadworthy and encourages people to regularly check their tyres, windscreen, wipers, mirrors, indicators, look for rust, and test their lights.

“Drivers still need to be medically fit to drive, comply with relevant restrictions and conditions on their licence and obey all road rules. Any licence suspensions and disqualifications will also continue to apply.”

While the extension for recently expired documents is nationwide, he urges people outside of the Auckland region to check their WOFs or COFs are up to date as these can be renewed at alert levels two and three.

The government is also looking at how temporary extensions can happen more quickly in the event of any future lockdowns.

Meanwhile, the Road Transport Forum (RTF) has welcomed the decision to extend the validity of expired documents until November and notes the previous uncertainty had been causing confusion over insurance cover.

Nick Leggett, chief executive, says: “In our heavily regulated industry, paperwork matters. For that reason, since the start of the level four lockdown, the RTF has been asking for a formal statement from the government about the critical licences and certificates to keep drivers and the trucks on the road.

“One of our big concerns was insurance cover, which is why this extension for the paperwork needed to come from the very top.

“The end of November will soon be upon us, and there is a backlog for these certificates and licences, so I urge the industry to plan ahead to make sure they get all their people and trucks covered by the end of November.”