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EVs important to beat climate change

Incentives will put New Zealand “on the map” for companies making electric cars.
Posted on 13 June, 2021
EVs important to beat climate change

Drive Electric believes rebates for electric vehicles (EVs) will incentivise their uptake in New Zealand along with other government policies.

Chairman Mark Gilbert says tougher emissions standards and the rebates, which were announced on June 13, will put our country “on the map for EV manufacturers”.

He adds: “We are telling them that New Zealand is a serious market for electric vehicles and we want that supply. 

“We are looking forward to them bringing in new ranges and models.

“For consumers, EVs are already cheaper over their lifetime than a petrol car. However, upfront costs are a barrier for the time being. This incentive levels the playing field between electric and petrol. 

“It’s so important we get EVs on the roads now if we want to combat climate change.

“Any car bought today will be on our roads for the next 15 years. If that car is a petrol, it will keep polluting into the 2030s.”

Gilbert, pictured, says business and government fleets can now also move more quickly towards electric cars, and such purchases will be an important source of second-hand EVs for Kiwis.

“While the incentive is another important milestone, we cannot overlook the complexity of this challenge. 

“We need electricity and charging infrastructure to meet new demand. We also need more walking, cycling, e-bikes and ride-sharing. EVs alone won’t get us to a zero-emissions transport system.

“We are looking for this detail in the government’s response to the Climate Change Commission’s report in their emissions reduction plan. Drive Electric members stand by ready to assist.”