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Essential workers need jab

Industry organisation supports calls for Kiwis on Covid-19 frontline to have their vaccinations now.
Posted on 23 August, 2021
Essential workers need jab

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) says prioritising essential workers for vaccinations against Covid-19 is “the right thing to do”.

Ian Baggott, pictured, sector manager – energy and environmental, says: “They are going out every day to support their communities, to keep us safe and to keep us moving.”

The MTA fully supports calls for the government to allow essential workers to go to the front of the vaccination queue.

“In our own sector, service-station members are staying open to support their local communities as well as travellers looking to get home and other essential workers,” adds Baggott.

“During last year’s lockdown, those service stations typically saw a reduction in fuel sales of around 90 per cent. They could have closed but chose not to because of their commitment to others.

“As a country we need to honour that commitment by keeping them safe. It’s simply the right thing to do.”