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Electric SUV here for tests

Kia EV5 arrives in New Zealand with 20 engineers from South Korea for product testing.
Posted on 13 February, 2024
Electric SUV here for tests

The first example of the new EV5 has landed in New Zealand for local testing and evaluation ahead of its anticipated launch in mid-2024.

More than 20 research and development engineers from seven different departments from Kia’s head office are taking part in the in-depth local testing to ensure product functionality.

“The EV9 has enjoyed a great response since launch in New Zealand late last year,” says Todd McDonald, managing director of Kia NZ.

“The EV9 is laden with technology, offers impressive range and performance, and has a spacious interior thanks to the electric global modular platform, which provides Kia designers with the ability to produce an interior free from traditional restrictions.

“These same characteristics and features will be found in the EV5, albeit in a slightly smaller package, so we expect it to have particular appeal for families who want an innovative, fast-charging and attractive fully electric vehicle.”

Aimed at a smaller SUV segment than the EV9, the new EV5, pictured, will offer two rows of seats for five people whereas the EV9 will continue as one of the few electric cars available with seating for seven.

More details relating to pricing, specification and range will be released over coming months ahead of the EV5’s anticipated launch early in the second half of this year.