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Drop in migration

Net migration remains around 50,000, according to Stat's NZ's latest figures. 
Posted on 09 August, 2019
Drop in migration

Annual net migration was provisionally estimated at 50,900 for the year ended January 2019 compared with 52,700 in the previous year, Stats NZ has announced.

Despite the fall in net migration, provisional estimates of migrant arrivals increased in the year ended January 2019, up 4,000 to 144,200. The top source countries for arrivals were:

- Australia - 25,100 visitors – 15,200 of which were New Zealand citizens.

- China - 14,700 visitors. 

- India  - 12,600 visitors.

- United Kingdom - 10,200 visitors.

Provisional estimates of migrant departures were also up 5,800 to 93,300. The larger increase for departures meant net migration for the year ended January 2019 was down 1,800 when compared with the year ended January 2018.

“Net migration continues to remain at historically high levels,” says population indicators manager Tehseen Islam. “This has been the case since 2014, with a peak in 2016.”