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Dealers join rush for rebates

Agency investigating allegation trader tried to on-sell car at lower price after claiming clean car discount for themselves.
Posted on 27 February, 2024
Dealers join rush for rebates

Dealers claimed nearly one in every five of the rebates handed out under the clean car discount (CCD) in December, which was the last month of the feebates scheme before it was axed by the government.

There was a surge in the number of registrations of electric vehicles (EVs) before the discounts came to an end and NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) figures show a substantial number went to motor-vehicle traders, not individual buyers.

More than 10,000 subsidies were paid out through the CCD in December, with 1,906 going to dealers and 8,488 to private purchasers, reports Radio New Zealand.

Private buyers had to claim rebates from the government after paying the full price for cars eligible under the scheme.

Dealers wanting to claim a discount at registration time had to sign a declaration saying they would use the vehicle as a company car, courtesy car or demonstration vehicle for at least three months.

NZTA is investigating an allegation that one dealer claimed a discount on an EV in December before offering the car to a consumer at a reduced price just weeks later, reports RNZ.

The agency told RNZ the shopper’s concerns had been passed to the relevant team for review and it was the only complaint it had received about dealers on-selling company vehicles.