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Changes to CCS system

Transport agency to overhaul way importers and dealers access clean-car details.
Posted on 19 September, 2023
Changes to CCS system

Waka Kotahi is launching multi-factor authentication (MFA) for using its system for the clean car standard (CCS).

From October, account holders will be required to complete MFA before they can transfer carbon dioxide (CO2) credits in the system.

MFA provides an additional security measure that validates user identity and it’s already used across most of the transport agency’s IT platforms. 

For the CCS system, you will be prompted to verify your identity when performing a “high risk” action, such as transferring credits, by entering a unique one-time passcode texted to your cellphone.

“Even though MFA for credit transfers won’t be introduced until October, you will need to register first and you can do this any time from now,” says the agency. “Registration is simple. Just click on the update button in the ‘my profile’ tab and go to ‘register for MFA’.

“We recommend everyone who uses the CCS system registers for MFA even if you don’t use the transfer credit function. This is because we’re likely to introduce MFA for other functions in the system in due course, so it means you’ll be ready when it happens.

“Please note that if you attempt to repeatedly submit an invalid code or keep asking for a new code, you’ll be temporarily locked out for five to 10 minutes.” Click here for an online guide to registering. 

Waka Kotahi says it is continuing to make improvements to the dealers’ section for Rightcar to make it easier to find information being sought.

In August, it added more options to the navigation menu so importers can link to all the clean-car information they need from one place.

“Now we’ve introduced a range of improvements to the vehicle look-up tool,” it says. “These include adding in more filters and criteria to the search function, and displaying search results in a tabular format that allows easy comparison between different results.

“We hope you find the changes helpful. If you have any feedback, we’re keen to hear from you. For those of you who use a mobile phone to access the CCS system, you may also notice that the process of accepting vehicles is now smoother.”

The agency has produced two online guides on the changes – Video: Rightcar Navigation and Video: Rightcar Vehicle Look-up Tool.

Finally, the agency’s CCS account register is still available. It was set up in early June to help importers get in touch with each other if they want to buy or sell CO2 credits. It can be accessed here.

Originally the register was intended to be a temporary measure to support the start of credit transfers. 

However, Waka Kotahi has had feedback from many importers that they would like the agency to keep the register available for a while longer, so it’s keeping it in place for now. Email if you would like to be added to or removed from it.