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Boost from clean-car discount

Marque reports government subsidies for greener vehicles is among reasons for higher than anticipated enquiries on its first electric model.
Posted on 08 July, 2021
Boost from clean-car discount

Mazda NZ says its first electric vehicle (EV), the MX-30, is generating strong interest among consumers.

Managing director David Hodge says pre-launch enquires and registrations of interest from people wanting to book a test drive or further information has been significantly higher than expected.

“The government announcement regarding subsidies for EV buyers, which the MX-30 qualifies for, along with people in urban areas looking for a vehicle that suits their lifestyle and core values, are key reasons for the interest,” he adds.

“Mazda’s first electric powertrain is an important step in our multi-solution approach to a more sustainable, cleaner future.”

The MX-30 has a lightweight 35.5kWh battery, which provides better handling performance and has less impact on the environment over the vehicle’s life.  

Paired with the new electric drive technology, e-Skyactiv, it has a maximum system power of 107kW and a maximum torque output of 271Nm.

The MX-30 Takami EV is available from selected dealerships nationwide. With a RRP of $74,990, it qualifies for the full $8,625 clean-car rebate. Mazda will also fund five native trees for every MX-30 sold in conjunction with Trees That Count