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"Bangers to Bluff" is underway

Posted on 12 April, 2018

The Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay's "Bangers to Bluff" rally is currently well underway, with day two of the rally nearly complete. 

The group of 15 set themselves the challenge of travelling from Auckland to Bluff in a convoy of cheap cars, each bought for $2000 or less, in order to raise funds for Hopeworks Foundation and Multiple Sclerosis NZ. 

Apart of the group is Team Protecta from Protecta Insurance, who are driving a 6-cylinder 1996 Ford Fairmont. Despite the budget car, the group have not encountered any major problems since departing Auckland. The team are currently heading for Fielding.

The event runs over 13 days starting on the 10th April 2018 and finishing on the 22nd April 2018.

To give the drivers a little competition, each car competes for the banger points award, with the objective to gain the most Banger Points. We will be providing updates on the rally and how Team Protecta progress through the course.