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Autohub releases latest update

Autohub has released an update on the progress of the car carriers: Dream Orchid, Tokyo Car, Sepang Express, Dream Diva and Fujitrans World. 
Posted on 15 May, 2018
Autohub releases latest update

Dream Orchid has finished discharging procedures in Auckland and is now in Lyttelton, with deliveries expected to complete by 16 May. The vessel will arrive in Wellington on May 15 and will finish in Nelson on May 16.

Fujitrans World has docked in Auckland, with partial discharge commencing yesterday. Auckland's deliveries are estimated to begin today through to Saturday. Tranship details to be announced.

The Sepang Express will discharge in Auckland from May 16, Tokyo Car from May 17 and Dream Diva from May 21.

Above dates will be subject to available berthage.