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Working on vehicle safety

Regional organisations to have stronger links after signing up to agreement.
Posted on 27 March, 2024
Working on vehicle safety

ANCAP and Euro NCAP have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to cement strong ties already in place between them and pave the way for closer collaboration.

They first signed such an agreement in 1999 to assist with aligning test protocols and results, with this renewed MoU signalling the continued strength of their future ambitions. 

It has been prepared to reflect the evolution of ANCAP and Euro NCAP over the past three decades, as well as technological advancements in vehicle safety and changing regulatory and environmental objectives.

Andy Cornish, pictured, who chairs ANCAP, adds: “Euro NCAP and ANCAP first entered an MoU in 1999.

“Since then, ANCAP’s ability to influence safety specification and encourage manufacturers to improve the level of passive and active safety provided in new cars sold in Australia and New Zealand has been assisted significantly. 

“Our relationship over the decades has remained strong and I’m pleased to further cement this collaboration through the updating of this MoU. It underscores our commitment to improve the safety of new vehicles for consumers and fleet operators into the future.”

“This MoU between Euro NCAP and ANCAP is a reminder of the importance of the relationship these two organisations have forged,” said Euro NCAP chairperson Niels Ebbe Jacobsen.

“This collaboration is a strong alliance that has further inspired global safety standards. It’s important we continue to push forward this shared mission in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. 

“Looking forward, this MoU will assist us in meeting the challenges of technological advancements and enable us to work together more efficiently to meet the demands of consumers.”