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Wheelchair e-bikes launched

Milner Mobility unveils exclusive range of products made by Dutch company.
Posted on 23 April, 2024
Wheelchair e-bikes launched

A New Zealand-first range of wheelchair e-bikes has been unveiled by Milner Mobility in Auckland.

It includes an innovative design that enables a user to ride comfortably as a passenger in their own wheelchair without needing to transfer between the wheelchair and two-wheeler. A family member or friend steers and pedals the bike.

The VeloPlus e-bike, pictured above, features a tiltable ramp that allows users to roll onto a platform before safely securing the wheelchair to the bicycle with its integrated locking system.

The design boasts a low centre of gravity, widely placed front wheels and a short turning circle to make cycling on the wheelchair bike stable, safe and easy.

Darren Milner, general manager of Milner Mobility, says the VeloPlus offers wheelchair users and their families an unparalleled and inclusive experience.

He says: “Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or a reliable transportation solution, the design and technology built into this bike mean its users will not need to compromise on riding in anything less than the comfort of their wheelchair.

“The electric pedal-assist feature transforms the VeloPlus into a smart e-bike, a must for Kiwi hills.”

Almost every wheelchair is compatible with VeloPlus, which can carry up to 200kg, making it suitable for diverse users.

The current range includes a second e-bike called OPair, pictured below, a custom-designed wheelchair that can be detached for independent use once the passenger reaches his or her destination. 

The sleek frame of OPair’s detachable wheelchair isn’t as wide as a standard wheelchair, making it suitable for transport in narrower spaces such as cafes and other public spaces with limited room.

The bike is suitable for children and adults, and has been designed for versatility and convenience. 

With a spacious seat that adapts to every passenger’s size and needs, the OPair can be adjusted for depth, backrest angle and expandable side rests. Its slightly angled front wheels offer stability that enhances driver control and passenger confidence.

“Both designs will revolutionise outdoor access for the people they are designed for, fostering a deeper sense of independence for their users,” says Milner.

“We hope they will open opportunities for people in wheelchairs to explore parks and trails, and that the e-bikes will be vehicles for new adventures in their community or retirement village.

He adds they have the potential to transform the lives of passengers and their support people, friends and family who can now experience the joy of cycling together.

Each bike connects to an app that provides information including route and distance travelled, average speed and battery usage.

Milner Mobility, which is based in Mount Wellington, has two additional bikes in the pipeline, with the Chat and Fun2Go expected to arrive in New Zealand this year.

“The Chat is a rickshaw-style bike that’s ideal for cruising with kids or adults who can’t cycle independently,” says Milner. “One driver pedals the e-bike while one or two passengers sit in front in a padded, comfortable, side-by-side cockpit.

“The Fun2Go allows two people to cycle side-by-side on an ergonomic, comfy three-wheeler. While one person steers, both riders pedal, easily chatting while they ride.

“This bike is easy to access with no stepping needed and with adjustable seat heights. It’s also super manoeuvrable, turning on a dime thanks to its two rear wheels and one front.”

The VeloPlus and OPair are designed by Dutch manufacturer Van Raam and are priced from $22,000 plus GST.