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VIA releases latest update on Takata recall

From 31 May onwards, vehicles with alpha-type airbags that have not been reworked will be “prohibited imports” and subject to seizure by New Zealand Customs.
Posted on 13 April, 2018
VIA releases latest update on Takata recall

Importers are urged to complete due diligence when purchasing in Japan and other source markets, to ensure that all recalls have been closed out prior to de-registration. The inspection agencies are now working on systems to identify vehicles subject to recall, and which have been reworked, before they are certified for export. According to VIA, it is likely that NZTA will soon require the inspection agencies to enforce section 6.4 of the Land Transport Rule Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002 as now covering safety-related recalls. The rule states, in part, that: "A vehicle may be certified ... only if a vehicle inspector or inspecting organisation has identified the vehicle and has determined, on reasonable grounds, that it is safe to be operated ... [taking into account] additional relevant information of which the inspector is aware .... about the vehicle issued by a manufacturer, modifier, repairer or other relevant person." Click here for the full text of section 6.4. For any questions, please contact VIA Technical Manager Malcolm Yorston on 0800 VIA VIA (842 842) or email