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Subaru hails record sales

Marque’s managing director describes the recent levels of new-car trade as a “phenomenal boost” for the industry.
Posted on 01 April, 2021
Subaru hails record sales

Subaru of New Zealand is celebrating a record month for sales after selling 461 units in March 2021.

The total is 20 per cent higher than its previous monthly record, which was set in January 2019 when it sold 383 units.

The marque says a number of factors are behind its latest success, including delayed shipments of new vehicles finally arriving in March and helping replenish stock at its 16 dealerships.

Further boosts came following the launch of the 2021 Forester X Sport, pictured. The new model accounted for one-third of Forester sales last month as the medium-sized SUV’s range eclipsed its sales record by 25 per cent.

The Outback, which had its 2021 version hit the market at the end of February, also had more than 200 sales in one month for the first time.

Wallis Dumper, managing director, says the overall sales figures may have been even higher if not for global supply constraints. 

“We have customers waiting as some of our Subaru dealers are out of stock and we already have factory back orders through to the third quarter,” he explains.

“We have had phenomenal support from Subaru Corporation, in Japan, which is doing its best to help us realise the full potential of the new Outback. Being small but outperforming much bigger markets, like the UK, certainly helps.

“However, we have been in the unfortunate situation of not being able to supply some of our new 2021 models, including our popular, compact SUV, the Subaru XV, which would have also set a sales record if we had been able to secure allocation.  

“Unprecedented demand beyond what we are able to supply is a good problem to have, but we like to think that our customers understand the situation and are willing to be patient.

“The reality is that we are probably missing sales and as a company, we are doing our best to mitigate this.”

Dumper acknowledges other marques have also enjoyed record-breaking months and says it is a “phenomenal boost for the automotive industry” after a challenging 12 months.  

“While we are yet to receive the final results for the monthly industry performance, March is expected to be an exceptional month across the board,” he adds. 

“Congratulations to all the automotive brands that have had an outstanding month and long may it last.”