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New commercials suffer decline

Ford and Toyota battle for top two spots as sector’s annual sales figures fall by nearly one-quarter.
Posted on 06 January, 2021
New commercials suffer decline

There were 38,760 new commercial-vehicle registrations last year, a drop of 23.2 per cent, and 11,721 units, on the volumes seen in 2019.

Ford beat its rivals to be the top marque in 2020 with 9,124 registrations and a market share of 23.5 per cent. 

Toyota took second place 8,004 units and 20.7 per cent, followed by Mitsubishi with 9.9 per cent and 3,842 units.

The Ford Ranger, pictured, was the best-selling commercial of the year with a 20.6 per cent share of the market thanks to 7,986 registrations. It was followed by the Toyota Hilux on 5,808 sales for 15 per cent, and Mitsubishi’s Triton with 3,694 sales for 9.5 per cent.

Monthly performance

Franchises recorded 2,811 commercial-vehicle sales in December 2020, which was down by 6.3 per cent, and 190 units, on the same month of last year.

Ford took out top spot with a market share of 25.6 per cent and 719 units. Second was secured by Toyota with 21.6 per cent and 606 sales, and Mitsubishi third with 8.9 per cent and 251 units.

The Ranger was the best-selling commercial with a 23.6 per cent share of the market thanks to 662 registrations. It was followed by the Hilux with 15.8 per cent and 443 sales. Nissan’s Navara took out third with 242 sales for 8.6 per cent of the market.