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June issue out now

June issue out now

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) is seeking to avoid significant disruption for the car industry with its timeframe for toughening the vehicle exhaust emissions rule for new and used imports.


Lead-in times include shifting used-imported light vehicles from Euro 4 to Euro 5 from early 2024 and then, two years later, onto Euro 6d. When it comes to new vehicles, the proposal is for them to move from Euro 5 to Euro 6d between early 2025 and February 2026.


Mark Stockdale, of the Motor Industry Association, explains why introducing standards ahead of Australia is problematic for many new-vehicle importers.


Kit Wilkerson says the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association’s submission will rely on its own modelling, especially in the absence of any quantified comparison between standards it can rely on from the MoT.


Vehicle importers must settle their pay-as-you-go accounts for the clean car standard by June 22. If that’s not done, Waka Kotahi will offset any credits to clear the penalties and then pursue CO2 account holders for outstanding balances. Plus: Latest on the clean car discount.


The Motor Trade Association is calling for in-service emissions testing to be rolled out and for substantial changes to be made to the clean-cars programme. The policy suggestions have been unveiled in a 44-page call to action ahead of October’s general election.


Businesses and individuals are backing a collective set up to advocate for more women to pursue careers in the industry. Women in Automotive NZ aims to address female under-representation. Plus: Photos from launch event.


• Sir Colin Giltrap has decreased his stake in the Giltrap Group. He’s now an equal owner of the company along with his two sons, Richard and Michael.


• Avanti Finance is seeking to build on its relationships with dealers and expand its network after acquiring a suite of digital assets, including Motorcentral.


• Tony Everett, of the MTA, warns dealers breaching motor-vehicle register rules “risk a substantial backlash and potential loss of future access rights”.


• Todd Fuller, of AdTorque Edge, breaks down what Google Analytics 4 is and why it’s important for dealerships to fully utilise it.


Plus: Hayden Paddon interview, awards for franchises, industry movers, new cars and in-depth statistics.

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June issue out now
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