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May issue out now

May issue out now

The relaunch of the clean car discount (CCD) has been criticised because of the short timeframe for industry to adjust before it kicks in on July 1. 

The new feebate scheme will mean lower rebates for hybrids and small cars, and bigger charges for light commercials. Autofile talks to the experts on the way forward. 

Plus: Waka Kotahi will be fixing an anomaly with the way plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are assessed for the clean-car policies. Currently, their CO2 values are 20g/km for new and 87g/km for used.

We have an exclusive interview with Tony Johnston, the new chief operating officer of Mitsubishi Motors NZ (MMNZ). He explains why it will still be some time before transport emissions tumble here. 

“There are four million cars on our roads and we’re selling 130,000 to 140,000 new vehicles a year,” says Johnston. “So, it’s going to take a significant time to decrease the age of the fleet and emissions by just selling EVs.” 

The Motor Industry Association (MIA) is backing an incentive scheme to encourage EV owners to buy smart chargers to help manage future demand for power as more low-emissions cars enter the fleet. Plus: What Drive Electric and the AA have to say on the issue.

It’s been a long, and sometimes painful, journey for Chelsea Herbert. In 2020, her racing career came to an abrupt halt after a major accident at Teretonga Park Raceway that left her with spinal injuries. She talks to Autofile about her comeback.

The Financial Services Federation has boosted its team to the equivalent of 4.6 full-time staff, with Katharine McGhie taking on the new role of business development manager.

The AA’s Terry Collins, as guest editor in this issue, tackles the conundrum facing energy transition in New Zealand. He says serious headwinds must be battled before we can switch to renewables.

• Buyers are driving the industry towards an omnichannel sales experience. But why should dealers be taking notice? Todd Fuller, of AdTorque Edge, has the answers.

• Tony Everett, of the MTA, says now’s a good time to scrutinise business overheads with economic conditions getting tougher.

• Autocheck, a digital vehicle information service, is looking to grow after acquiring Lemoncheck.

• VIA is seeking feedback from its members on the draft manifesto of its policies. 

Plus: Save a date for T-Tech 2023, industry movers, new vehicles, disputes and the best monthly car statistics in town.

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May issue out now
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