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April issue out now

April issue out now

Aimee Wiley says she has big shoes to fill, taking over from David Crawford as chief executive officer of the Motor Industry Association (MIA).

And she’s predicting the clean-car policies will likely continue to bring the biggest challenges moving forward. Plus: find out about her previous role with Waka Kotahi in her interview with Autofile – and her passion for cars.

The MIA says the Ministry of Transport (MoT) needs to give 24 months’ notice before applying tougher emissions targets to new light vehicles.

It has reiterated a range of models will drop out of the market if the government presses ahead with its proposed timetable for rolling out tougher vehicle-exhaust emissions standards.

The MoT wants to raise requirements for new imports to Euro 6d – or US Tier 3 or Japan 2018 – from February 2025 and for existing new models from February 2026. 

The Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (VIA), meanwhile, is concerned about the lack of equivalence between European and Japanese standards if the government changes the targets.

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) wants the government to keep plans for a scrappage scheme on its agenda to help cut emissions from the light fleet and make it safer. Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has canned the $568 million clean car upgrade.

VIA fears proposed changes to the clean car discount may result in fewer hybrids qualifying for rebates and utes receiving exemptions from fees or other special treatment.

An MoT review of the scheme is being undertaken to address a funding gap of nearly $100 million between penalties and rebates. 

• The MTA’s new chief executive is Lee Marshall. He has spent the past 12 years in management roles in the car-rental industry. 

• Tony Johnston has been promoted to chief operating officer of Mitsubishi Motors NZ. Johnston, who started his second stint with the company in 2013, replaces Dan Cook. 

• Chris Lamers, chief executive officer of MTF Finance, writes about the importance of finance in the automotive market. With margins a major lever, dealers need to run efficient operations.

• Todd Fuller, of AdTorque Edge NZ, tackles how car dealers can gear up for the increase in demand that’s about to kick off following Auckland’s floods and Cyclone Gabrielle.

• In times of severe stress, such as the recent extreme weather, it’s easy to focus on those around you. Tony Everett, of the MTA, says, “don’t forget to take the time to consider yourself and your own needs” as well.

• Kit Wilkerson explains why VIA is developing a new system for rating vehicles that accounts for harm from noxious emissions that they emit in addition to possible harm from crashes.

• Spotlight on Bree Morris after her big step up from Formula Ford to the 2023 Toyota Formula Regional Oceania Championship.

Plus: awards for top dealers, industry movers, new cars, disputes, and in-depth import, sales and stock statistics.

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April issue out now
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