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February issue out now

February issue out now

The government has started its review of the clean car discount, which is focusing on balancing rebates and fees “while ensuring its continued effectiveness”. It was always designed to be self-funding in the longer term, so it comes as no surprise much more in subsidies has been paid out than money received from charges.

Waka Kotahi has given advice to importers on avoiding inputting errors that can result in fees being wrongly charged under the clean car standard. Agency staff have found several common mistakes on certification forms that are preventable with extra diligence. 

The team at Tyrewise is only months away from seeing the roll-out of a product stewardship scheme for end-of-life tyres. A four-month trial in Hawke’s Bay was completed at the end of December and the programme should be officially launched nationwide later this year.

Kit Wilkerson explains why the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (VIA) has formally requested exemptions from the government’s clean-car policies for wheelchair accessible models. “The impact on quality of life for individuals who need them to have independence exceeds quantifiability.” 

A number of dealerships, including Archibald & Shorter North Shore, have been left counting the cost of record deluges in Auckland after flooding damaged vehicles and showrooms.

Tony Everett, of the Motor Trade Association (MTA), examines the new pressures the clean car standard is imposing on importers and comes up with some sage advice for dealers, especially when it comes to emissions values.

MTF Finance has announced it is buying Lending People – a fintech online brokerage – as part of plans to improve its digital offering and lending experience to customers across all channels.

A manager of investigations at MBIE explains why an unregistered motor-vehicle trader was fined $8,000 for selling 44 vehicles during a 12-month period when the maximum sentence for an individual under the law is $50,000.

The government’s decision to add skilled motor mechanics to the immigration green list from March is a breakthrough for an automotive industry battling a crippling labour shortage, says the MTA.

• David Vinsen, VIA’s chief executive, says consumer confidence will be a key factor for the automotive industry moving forward.

• Eight apprentices have the chance to join the crew of MITO ambassadors Hayden Paddon and Emma Gilmour at four NZ Rally Championship races.

• Todd Fuller, of AdTorque Edge, explains why dealers need to ensure they set some spend aside for ad creative. 

• NZ Automotive Investments reports a commercial bank has extended its retail trade finance facility.

• Ex-board member Ewan Morris has received lifetime membership of Drive Electric. Plus: Industry movers, disputes, motorsport, in-depth statistics and much more.

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February issue out now
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