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October issue out now

October issue out now

Discontent is growing among some dealers about the cost of car listings on Trade Me. The company says it offers businesses “great value for money”. Traders spoken to by Autofile don’t begrudge it lifting its prices, but are unhappy with the size of increases. Trade Me says it has invested heavily in new features over the past year and its pricing “fairly reflects the value of our packages”.

Autofile exclusive: We interview Greig Epps, new chief executive of the Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (VIA), and he reveals his ambitions for the organisation and what he brings to the role.

We also have a chat with Mark Gilbert, who is retiring as chairman of Drive Electric after leading it for more than 11 years. He says: “I’d like to think I have added some value to the organisation and the e-mobility movement.”

David Sena has been given the green light by shareholders to complete the purchase of Eugene Williams’ stake in of 2 Cheap Cars. The $4.3 million agreement between the two co-founders was passed at the company’s annual meeting.

The future of road-user charges (RUC) is back on the agenda with the exemption for electric cars sent to end on March 31, 2024. Mark Stockdale, of the Motor Industry Association, looks into the issues this will throw up.

The Motor Trade Association’s mediation team is seeing more detailed complaints being lodged in regard to the Consumer Guarantees Act. Larry Fallowfield warns dealers to be aware of some people looking for ways to get out of what could now be unaffordable purchases or payment plans.

Kit Wilkerson, of VIA, says policy documents argue RUC should only be priced to recover the costs of maintaining roads and should be targeted proportional to the damage any given vehicle causes. However, a proposal for universal implementation next year “doesn’t seem to do this”, he opines.

Todd Fuller, of AdTorque Edge, advises dealers to cover off the basics when it comes to digital marketing, such as ensuring websites are up to date, running social-media campaigns and having live inventory advertising.

Plus: How New Zealand’s premier single-seater series is switching to carbon-neutral fuels, new cars, industry movers, disputes and in-depth statistics.

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October issue out now
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